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Creating art is at the heart of expression and emotion, but everything is not always as it seems.

Artists are told to observe carefully, and not to jump to conclusions. Study and process all the information regarding colour, perspective, shadow and detail so that they can sketch  or paint better. The trouble with this of course is, what the eye actually may see has to be processed precisely by the brain. 

Dazzling Light

It's this little conundrum that will ultimately occasionally let's us down!

When working correctly, our sight transmits huge amounts of information which our brain decides to dumb down, then shortcut in order to process a little more quickly and collate better what is being presented to it.

The aforementioned colour, perspective, shadow and detail are all clues but the brain is cajoled into trying to make sense of it all by using some rational memory, as well.

The  unfortunate side effect of this process, and trying to make things rational, based on historic remembered understanding, along with moving things into convenient boxes is when we sometimes get tricked!  

Have fun & enjoy your Art Journey

Jon Cheshire

Reflection Through Broken Glass

Inspiration for Art

If you are about to join our great Seasons Art Class in Milton Keynes, or just find yourself with a little time between Seasons MK classes and you need a new image / picture to practise on, why not give one of these a go?  


All the images below, are my own (C) JON CHESHIRE 2018, so please use these images (for the purpose of reference, for paint or draw)  during the Seasons Art Class, Milton Keynes. 

Many Thanks;



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