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Welcome to Seasons Art Class, Milton Keynes; Courses

A half day a week (3 hour) course running over 14 weeks in total, and is structured as follows;- 

Weeks 1-3; Drawing Techniques

Colored pencil tips

For beginners who may have never picked up a pencil or paintbrush since school or similar, these drawing techniques give you all the building blocks for good composition, scale, shading and depth.

observational work 131.jpg

We will look at simple observational sketching and help you produce standard shapes to create complete and accurate representations, using the likes of a drawing grid, and a developed good understanding of perspective.

cmk 044.JPG
drawn face 016.jpg

In general, basic proportions follow a formula that enables most things to be accurately reproduced and the Milton Keynes Seasons Art Class Course will give you all the tools to sketch and draw to a good standard.

week2 ;13 (4).jpg

For returning students, these basic skills will be honed through a more challenging module, run concurrently

drawings 006.jpg

Weeks 4 - 5; Oil Pastels

pastels 045.jpg

Working with the new medium of oil pastels, you will add some glorious colour and textures to enhance your practised drawing technique skills, learnt in the earlier weeks.

apple 3.jpg
dali .jpg

You will be taught to create a number of complimentary colours through layering and smudging. You will also learn new artistic skills that will add depth and structure to your artwork as well as being guided in choosing a range of paper types to enhance your work.

week 4 12 (4).jpg

The course offers interesting and novel techniques using everyday objects that will develop your artistic flair and help you to  produce artwork to be proud of.

cow in pastels.jpg
pastel image 043.jpg

Week 6 - 8; Watercolours

painting images 056.jpg
DSC_0806 (3).JPG

The watercolour weeks offer some new skills like preparing the paper for potential shrinkage, along with painting skills using everyday items for textures and finishes along with using either wet-on-wet or wet-on-dry techniques within this interesting and creative semi transparent paint medium.   


Good quality watercolour paper helps so much in his medium.  

DSC_0817 (4).JPG

For returning students, this brilliant medium is explored in greater depth and with more inspirational interesting ideas investigated.

week 6 13.jpg

Weeks 9 - 12; Acrylics


Acrylics offer a modern day 'all singing & dancing' equivalent to traditional oil paints. They are quicker drying than oils, but also able to be thinned down with water and used like a watercolour technique OR in thick applications for textures similar to oils!   

DSC_0810 (2).JPG

The colours can be vibrant and rich offering  depth when applied to a canvas or variety of other mediums such as paper, wood or card  etc. 

71099678_10219287319789417_4404580831398461440_o[12832] (4).jpg
les leighton acrylic (3).jpg

This is another medium that many artists like to work in and offers amazing flexibility which will ensure returning students will have more challenges and solutions to discover.

mk 054.JPG
acrylic image 054.jpg
Paint Tubes

Week 13; Displaying your art

Design Paper

All artwork can, and will be improved by framing and presenting it properly, so week 13 offers all the know how to temporarily mount your compositions for exhibiting your work at week 14.

Week 14; Exhibiting your art

The final week of the course where all your friends and family come to the exhibition, is the opportunity to let everyone know about what you have been doing over the last 3 months and show your new found skills in a relaxed and fun environment. 

art class.png
Picture blurred  for background abstract
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